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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

~~ I need an operation!!~~

Yes, serius giler tajuk.. Operation aper lak nie?? Isk isk.. Niela penyebab saya xdpt nak mengaktifkan diri sejak tengah tahun nie...

Baca nie utk tahu lebih lanjut tentang Prolapsed Disk, penyakit tulang belakang yg paling kronik selain terus patah..(huhu..ganas betul ayat nie..)

Slipped Disk Overview

The disks are protective shock-absorbing pads between the bones of the spine. Although they do not actually "slip," a disk may split or rupture. This can cause the disk to fail, allowing the gel (which is part of the disk) to escape into the surrounding tissue. The leaking jellylike substance can place pressure on the spinal cord or on a single nerve fiber and cause symptoms of pain either around the damaged disk or anywhere along the area controlled by that nerve.

The layman's term "slipped disk" is, therefore, a misnomer and actually refers to a condition whereby portions of an abnormal, injured, or degenerated disk have protruded against nerve tissues. This condition is also known as a herniated, ruptured, prolapsed, or more commonly, slipped disk. The most frequently affected area is in the low back, but actually any disk can rupture, including those in the neck.

Picture of herniated disk between L4 and L5
Picture of herniated disk between L4 and L5

Cross-section picture of herniated disk between L4 and L5
Cross-section picture of herniated disk between L4 and L5

Ya, itulah yg terjadi pd saya.. Ada herniation kt Lumbar nombor 4 dan Lumbar 5 saya yg menyebabkan nerve saya tersangkut@tertekan@tersepit yg menyebabkan saya merasa sakit pada keseluruhan kaki kanan saya...

Slipped Disk Causes

Factors that lead to a slipped disk include aging with associated degeneration and loss of elasticity of the disks and supporting structures; injury from improper lifting, especially if accompanied by twisting or turning; and excessive strain forces associated with physical activities. Sudden forceful acute trauma is an uncommon cause of a slipped disk.

Saya rasa, penyebab penyakit saya adalah kerana kesan daripada kejatuhan saya pada zaman muda2 saya yg suka sangat main netball tu.. (Ain & Nana, U all ingat x time aku kena siku dek GK sampai jatuh berdebuk? 2minggu aku sakit pinggang. Tiap2 waktu Maghrib, dok sebelah Faridah mintak dia tolong urut2..:))

Slipped Disk Symptoms

The nerves of the body exit the spine at each spinal level in the low back, mid back, and neck. A herniated disk can produce symptoms anywhere along the course of that nerve, though the injury and irritation of the nerve are at the spine itself. (This is known as referred pain, as the pain is "referred" from the source of the problem in the spine to the area supplied by the particular nerve affected.) A slipped disk can produce varying degrees of pain in the back or neck along with numbness or weakness in the corresponding organs, arms, or legs as follows:

  • For slipped disks in the neck: Numbness, tingling, weakness, or pain in the shoulder, neck, arm, or hand
  • For slipped disks in the lower back
    • Numbness, tingling, weakness, or pain in the buttocks, back, legs, or feet
    • Numbness and tingling around the anus or genitals
    • Pain down the back of each leg from the buttocks to the knee (this is called sciatica)
    • Pain with movement, straining, coughing, or doing leg raises
    • Difficulty controlling bowel movements or bladder function

Nampak x?? Betapa seksanya idup I kerana menderitai sakit nie?? Kes saya, nerve kaki kanan yang terganggu. berjalan lama2 xle. Berjalan laju2 xle, lari lgla xle. duduk lama2 xle.. Aduu..apa yg boley??

Exams and Tests

The doctor will take a complete medical history and perform a physical examination.

  • This history will include questions about other illnesses, prior spine problems, any injuries, duration and type of symptoms, and response to treatments. The examination includes a spine examination, testing of basic nerve functions, an abdominal examination, and a general screening.
  • --Sy ada buat x-ray je dulu..Mula2 doc kt Lawas nie kata saya ada Scoliosis.. Ada ke ptt!! xpandai betol. terpaksa saya seek pandangan doc kt Kota Kinabalu. Dia pn kata, nie memang slipped disk, membenarkn dianogsis saya sendiri sebelum nie..

  • Often no diagnostic tests are needed for adequate treatment. In certain situations, imaging studies or laboratory tests of blood and urine may provide your doctor further information necessary to establish a diagnosis. If needed at all, they may not be necessary immediately. Sometimes they are ordered later if basic treatments fail to improve your condition.
  • --Saya ada jugak buat blood test aritu, tp doc Lawas tgk xckp apa. doc KK pn sama. I guess, xde gunala saya mendermakan darah saya tu..--

  • Imaging studies may include the following:
    • Plain X-rays (and even computerized axial tomography, CAT scans) cannot depict a prolapsed disk and can only identify bony abnormalities. These X-rays are best used to evaluate back pain that is from causes other than a prolapsed disk, such as bony displacement, tumor, or broken bone. Most young or middle-aged people without a history to suggest trauma or tumor are best served without the expense and radiation associated with obtaining these X-rays. In most cases, the bones seen on X-ray are normal.
    • More specialized tests include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or myelogram (which involves injecting a contrast dye into the spinal column). These are ideal for diagnosing a deformed disk and how a specific nerve is affected. In the absence of signs or symptoms suggesting severe nerve damage, however, these studies are very rarely indicated or ordered early in the course of the evaluation. This is because of cost, availability of the test, and the fact that the findings rarely affect initial treatment decisions. Your doctor may obtain these tests after a course of treatment fails to provide you relief.
    • --saya dah buat MRI yg sedikit menyeramkan tu.. Takut, sempit, pejam mata jela.. Dan hasil nye memang mcm gambar kt ats tu.. Saya perform MRI kt Hospital Temerloh Pahang. Lebih senang...--

    • A bone scan can detect infection, healing fractures, or tumors. This test is essentially never ordered as part of an emergency evaluation.
--xbuat nie sbb Doc cakap xperlu..--

Medical Treatment

The doctor often prescribes bed rest or limited activity for several days followed by gradual increase in activity over the next few weeks. Strict bed rest is generally not advised because people with back pain have been shown to recover more quickly with normal activity as long as lifting, bending, and straining are limited.

Treat with ice or cold packs early after an injury and switch to heat later. Heat may be used early if the pain and symptoms are not caused by a sudden injury.

Physical therapy, exercise, and massage can be helpful if indicated (always check with your doctor before resuming any stressful activity).

--Sekarang nie saya ada sesi fisioterapi tiap2 minggu kt hospital Lawas..--


Ibuprofen (Motrin) or other anti-inflammatory medications may be recommended. These can be safely taken with acetaminophen (Tylenol). Medicines to relax the surrounding muscle tightness and spasms are used for some people. A short course of a medical steroid (corticosteroids, similar to cortisone), such asprednisone, prednisolone, andmethylprednisolone (Medrol), also may be used. For pain relief, narcotic medication is sometimes added for a short period of time.

--Saya sekarang amik Neorontin dan celebrex..--


If the medical measures are not successful within a reasonable time, and the tests confirm a herniated disk as the source of symptoms, surgical repair may be considered. Except in extreme situations or in those that have a high potential for permanent nerve damage, surgery is not considered early. Frequently, time and basic spine care resolve most slipped disk symptoms. Several surgical options exist. Your doctor will refer you to a spine specialist to discuss which option is best for you and what the likelihood of success will be.

--Doktor cadangkn saya buat operation Disember nie..T-T--

So, kekawan, doakanlah kesihatan dan keselamatan saya sepanjang masa sebelum, semasa dan selepas operation yg menakutkn saya nie ya...(",)



  1. semoga selamat dan cepat sembuh.. amin..

  2. semoga selamat semuanya dayah..nnti ko operate kat mane..i.Allah kalo tade aral leh aku dtg visit..lame kte tak jmpe

  3. TQ Dni..

    Operate kt Hospital Temerloh je kot..Dekat ngan mak aku..:)


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